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Barton County Community College

Barton County Community College is a junior college situated in Great Bend, Kansas. The college offers a wide range of associate degree courses in Economics, Agriculture, Communication, Social Sciences and Industrial Technology to mention just a few. It also offers courses in fields of study like fine arts and performing arts, physical education, general studies, early childhood education and pre-professional programs.

Irrespective of what subject the students are choosing, the overall aim of the college is to promote an enhanced academic experience for all students. Through a well formed competitive curriculum, the college introduces great opportunities for the students to develop critical thinking and analytical writing. Not to forget that strong emphasis is also laid on expanding their research skills, reading skills, speaking skills and interpersonal skills. As a result of this, students come out more skilled and ready to face the challenges of their respective careers.

Besides having a strong academic foundation, Barton College is also a home to numerous other extra-curricular activities. Students can relish in participating in theatre, dance, music, vocal arts and visual arts. Depending on their preferences, they can enroll in acting classes, band classes and ballet/choir classes. The best thing is that these programs are available to all students who have chosen them as their major subject or look for some personal enrichment. Sports also form an important part of the college system. Students can participate in softball, track field, basketball, cross country, volleyball, tennis, golf and soccer. Stduents are encouraged throughout the year to keep themselves physically fit and develop team working skills.

The college has a 160 acres campus. It includes eight main buildings and four phases of residential halls. Further, the college has left no stone unturned in providing excellent learning facilities. They have modern learning technology from high-tech classrooms to well equipped labs and ITV rooms. What's more is that a 40-foot theater called Planetarium adds attraction to the college campus. For public service reasons, no fee is charged from the audience of any performance.

On the whole, the college is one of the most popular educational institutes in Kansas. Well known for its focused education, it seeks to empower the students with advanced professional skills and knowledge. Thus, the college makes sure that each and every student gets the opportunity to learn, grow and develop leadership qualities that are imperative in a rapidly changing world.

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