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Contra Costa College

• Contra Costa College (CCC) is a public community college system in San Pablo, California.

• Founded in 1950, the college started out with enrollment of 500 students.

• The college intends to offer many opportunities to students so that they may achieve their educational goals easily.

• With dedicated faculty and staff, Contra Costa College ensures that the best learning environment is provided to students.

• There are various academic departments in the college that provide wide range of programs.

• Students have the option to choose from the following programs:
1. Pre-Collegiate Programs These programs help to prepare adolescents and children about succeeding in college.
2. Career Technical Education Programs These programs enable the students to get degrees and certificates so that they may join the workforce as soon as they graduate.
3. Extra-Curricular Programs Through these programs, students get an excellent chance to learn experiences that occur beyond the classroom.
4. Other Academic Programs An array of other academic programs are also provided at CCC to enhance college experiences of students.

• The notable programs of study at Contra Costa College include:
1. Administration of Justice
2. Business
3. Astronomy
4. Computer and Communications Technology
5. Engineering
6. Dramatic Arts
7. Liberal Arts
8. Journalism

• Other than these, students have a number of services. Some of these services are as follows:
1. Financial Aid that may vary from student loans to fee waivers.
2. Students may benefit from counseling sessions. The college provides: Academic Counseling, Vocational Counseling, Career Counseling and Personal Counseling

• Online library facility helps students find books, guides, journals, magazines, videos and the like.

• Free peer tutoring is made available to all the students.

• CalWorks Program aims towards providing cash assistance to all the participants caught up in activities that train them for work.

• Apart from comprehensive curriculum, the college pays equal attention on extracurricular activities.

• Athletic teams are encouraged by the college to participate in various award winning sports events.

• Moreover, student clubs ensure that students are kept busy all throughout their college life.

• Student clubs include:
-- Abilities Club
-- Business Club
-- Parallel Programming Club
-- Gaming Guild
-- Alpha Gamma Sigma Club and many more.

• The college also mails community newsletters to inform residents in the area about programs, facilities, services and events of the college.

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