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How about working in the fashion industry? You can find a college for designers in many larger cities. Depending upon the schools in your area, you can generally enroll in either a single class or a complete bachelor's degree program.

A good technical institute or vocational school can train you for your new job in as short of time as possible. You don't have to take classes that don't directly apply to your next job. An online vocational school can even help train you through online coursework.

If you would like to locate a training program for designers in your state, this quick directory may be able to help. Whether you want to just take a single class or would like to actually complete a full interior design program, it only takes a minute to see what is available.

The field of criminal justice needs applicants. Law enforcement and legal field professionals are in demand like never before. You can work in legal, law enforcement, criminology, corrections and other criminal justice careers. Criminal justice degrees are offered at the bachelor's, associate's and even the master's degree level.

You can earn associate degrees online. Don't spend four years at a traditional university. Study online, get your associate's degree in a technical or vocational field and get on with your life and get working in your new career.

You don't want to visit a traditional walk-in campus? You can take training online by enrolling in one of the better online schools. The learning is totally convenient. You'll read, study, take tests and "speak" with your teachers, but you can do it from home.

Would you enjoy working in a top restaurant? You could enroll in a training program near you. Get your career cooking. Become a chef, baker or cook.

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